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Preemie Hats Knitting Patterns-Free and More

Preemie hats knitting patterns

Free Preemie Hats Knitting Patterns – Many Reasons to Enjoy This is a wonderful resource for free and inexpensive preemie hats knitting patterns! You’ll find links to free patterns and patterns you can purchase at reasonable prices. There are also two tutorial videos about knitting baby hats, that you might find beneficial. One reason Baby hats […]

A Valuable Knitting Pattern Resource (Video)

  Free Knitting Patterns Resource Another wonderful resource for free and purchasable at This video shows only a taste of what is available. Just another great resource to tuck into your knitting bag.

Simple Knitting Patterns Really Have A Special Place

Simple Knitting Patterns

 Complicated is Out Simple Knitting Patterns Are Beautiful You know some people think if they are not knitting some complicated, cabled, multi colored, or pattern changing baby knitting pattern, they are failures.  Well let me tell you, simple knitting baby patterns certainly have a very special place in my knitting repertoire. And I’ll tell you […]

Baby Bootie Knit Patterns-Let Nothing Stop You From Knitting

baby knitting patterns

Don’t Let Our Busy Lives Stop Us From Enjoying our Baby Knitting Patterns Baby Knitting Patterns, what??!! Are you kidding. There are some days I am certain two or three hours have gone missing. There just isn’t enough time! On some days it seems like not enough time for anything. No fun or play just […]

A Little Forethought in Choosing Your Baby Knit Patterns

Baby Knit Patterns

Let Your Baby Knit Patterns Make Your Knitting Fun and Rewarding Have you decided what you might want to knit? Something simple and easy for a beginner. Something small. Okay, you are just learning the difference between a knit and a purl. You have to decide on some baby knit patterns to get started, well […]

Baby Knitting Patterns – Yes! I Prefer Them

knitting for dummies

No, No, I am not sorry I started a new knitting project, but I am a very busy woman. I am a registered nurse working 3-4 12 hour sifts a week, and I am an online business woman, and I squidoo. So when do I have any time, especially free time. Well, if you have […]

A Baby Knitting Pattern Can Give You Hours of Creativity

Baby knitting patterns

Baby Knitting Patterns Offer Limitless Opportunities to Enjoy Your Knitting Experience Whether you are new to knitting or an old pro, a baby knitting pattern is one that almost always tugs at the heartstrings. There are very few things that are sweeter and more fun to knit than baby blankets for a baby yet to […]

Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern- Try Using Baby Soft Yarn

Baby Yarn

Baby Yarn Doesn’t Have To Be Only For Babies It occurred to me one of the reasons I love knitting for babies is the yarn. I mean really have you thought about this? It is soooooooo soft and squishy, hold it next to your cheek and you feel calm and gentle and you think babies. […]

The Joy of Collecting Baby Knitting Patterns and Yarns

baby bootie knitting patterns

Baby Knitting Patterns Help You Enjoy Your Craft As we have talked about several times, knitting is a wonderful hobby, and baby knitting patterns is especially wonderful because of the less time and expense involved in choosing, and completing a project. Sometimes you can have a project started and you happen to find a beautiful […]

A Baby Knitting Pattern is a Soothing and Inexpensive Hobby

knitting for baby

  I found this wonderful article that comments on how knitting is soothing. And with the expense of nearly everything in this world, cheap as well! I find that baby knitting patterns are the best choice as I usually have many projects going at the same time. Baby knitting patterns are quick enough that you […]

Knit Baby Booties – With Straight Single Point Needles Pt 1

knitting techniques

This video shows the construction of a baby bootie pattern, knitted with straight knitting needles. You do not need to know how to “knit in the round” in order to make this pattern! It’s an excellent project for beginner knitters. To make this pattern, you’ll need knitting needles, yarn, a yarn needle and/or crochet needle, […]

Cable Knitting Without a Cable Needle- WOW! (Video)

How many times have you wanted to knit some cute baby pattern but it required you to make cables. I am not sure why, but we are afraid of cables. Maybe it is because we have to use THREE needles. Yes. two knitting needles and a cable needle. And sometimes you can’t find the cable […]

Staggered Square Knit Baby Blanket, Free Pattern


A Beautiful But Easy Baby Blanket to Knit for Free I have been bombarded with pregnant friends that are about to become new mommies. Oh boy, have I been busy. I love knitting for baby, and to knit baby blankets. But I sometimes get a bit bored with the same old patterns. So I always […]

Don’t Be Intimidated, Just Use Easy Knitting Patterns

easy knitting patterns

Nothing Difficult About Easy Knitting Patterns Maybe all this talk of baby knitting patterns and getting all excited about knitting for that new little loved one has intimidated some of you. Well don’t be, easy knitting patterns will be your solution. You may not want to get too involved in a complicated knitting pattern at […]