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Baby Knitting Patterns – Yes! I Prefer Them

No, No, I am not sorry I started a new knitting project, but I am a very busy woman. I am a registered nurse working 3-4 12 hour sifts a week, and I am an online business woman, and I squidoo. So when do I have any time, especially free time.

Well, if you have read my blog at all, you know that I love knitting, I do every chance I get. One of my favorite times to knit is on break at work, I can actually have an uninterrupted hour of joy. So why am I lamenting?

Remember the blog post I made about the bargain yarn I found and bought, because I just had to have it, It was so beautiful, what was I to do, I bought it. Well after you buy something like that, so gorgeous, so must have, you eventually decide to make something with it. Thus the lament.

I started an adult knitting project. Can you believe that?! I now have a huge project going, it is so much larger than what I am used to. I have to change colors and it has cables, It is really very pretty, it is a sweater. I am sure I will love it, it is already very nice, but it is inconvenient and heavy and I can’t take it with me anymore, now that it is a bit too big to haul to work with me.

So now I am trying to force time out of thin hair, I want to finish it, really I do. But of course, I have stuffed my work bag with one of my baby knitting projects that is small, quick and easy to carry, and that I love so much.

I will finish my new project and I will wear it proudly. Maybe it shows me to be a grown-up knitter now. And what’s more I probably will do other grown-up knitting projects. I have enjoyed it and who knows I might someday find extra time just lying around, you never know. But for now, I am going to stick to my first love…baby knitting patterns.


Knitting For Dummies
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Not that I think you are. It really can help

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4 thoughts on “Baby Knitting Patterns – Yes! I Prefer Them”

  1. Great website! Thank you so much for sharing your great projects with us. I just wanted to tell everyone that this book really is a good one! I bought it awhile ago and it was a must have for learning some really great techniques!
    Keep it up!

  2. I found your blog site whilst searching for something distinct on Bing and google about topics related to movies, although I had the opportunity to read this posting and I found it really interesting certainly.

  3. You are amazing I do not know how you fit it all in! You are a wonderful nurse and such a talented knitter. I would love to see a picture of the finished article. It sounds lovely. What colour is it?

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