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About - Baby Knitting Patterns Blog


About Baby Knitting Patterns Blog

Knitting has been a love of mine for many decades. I love all kinds of knitting, sweaters, scarves, afghans, blankets, socks, everything. But my favorite and special love is knitting for baby.

Baby knitting patterns are quick and easy to complete. So that instant gratification is very compelling to me. I do love finishing something I start.

But I also love that everyone loves these adorable cute little patterns. And you never get caught unprepared when someone announces that a new little one is coming soon. It is wonderful to pull out a completed baby outfit or layette and gift it to someone expecting a baby. It is joyous.

And small patterns are so wonderful as take along projects. So as a result of all these things, I started sharing my love of knitting for baby in hopes of bringing other people to the same love. So I hope you enjoy your time here and find things that interest you and maybe even compels you to give it a try too. You’ll see, you’ll love it too.