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Adult Knitting Patterns Have Proven Fun too- My Love is Still Baby Knits

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It’s True, I prefer Knitting Baby Patterns, But…

Adult knitting patterns? Can you believe it? me? No, No, I am not sorry I started a new knitting project, even though it is an adult knitting project instead of my preferred Knitting Baby Patterns. But I am a very busy woman. I am a registered nurse working 3-4 12 hour sifts a week, and I am an online business woman. So when do I have any time, especially free time.

Well, if you have read my blog at all, you know that I love knitting, I do every chance I get. One of my favorite times to knit is on break at work, I can actually have an uninterrupted hour of joy. So why am I lamenting?

Remember the blog post I made about the bargain yarn I found and bought, because I just had to have it, It was so beautiful, what was I to do, I bought it. Well after you buy something like that, so gorgeous, so must have, you eventually decide to make something with it. Thus the lament.

In A Hurry? Click Here to see some more beautiful knitting patterns


Beautiful Popular Adult Knitting Patterns – See What’s Trending

Adult Knitting Project vs. Knitting Baby Patterns

Here are some beautiful Adult knitting kits. The kits include all the gorgeous yarn you need to complete your chosen project. If you like adult patterns or need a break from Knitting Baby Patterns, You’re sure to enjoy these.

knitting patterns adultsTree of Life Afghan KitAdult knitting patternsEco Quilt & Cable Blanket Kitsimple knitting patternsCromwell Court Afghan Kitknitting patterns for adultsWeekend Jacket Sweater Knitting Kit


I started an adult knitting project. Can you believe that?! I now have a huge project going, it is so much larger than what I am used to. I have to change colors and it has cables, It is really very pretty, it is a sweater. I am sure I will love it, it is already very nice, but it is inconvenient and heavy and I can’t take it with me anymore, now that it is a bit too big to haul to work with me.

Beautiful Simple Adult Knitting Pattern for A Gorgeous Sweater

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What ever it takes- Find Time To Knit

So now I am trying to force time out of thin hair, I want to finish it, really I do. But of course, I have stuffed my work bag with one of my baby knitting projects that is small, quick and easy to carry, and that I love so much.

I will finish my new project and I will wear it proudly. Maybe it shows me to be a grown-up knitter now. And what’s more I probably will do other grown-up knitting projects. I have enjoyed it and who knows I might someday find extra time just lying around, you never know. But for now, I am going to stick to my first love… Knitting Baby Patterns.


Knitting for dummies
Knitting For Dummies
Available in Kindle Edition too!
Adult Knitting Patterns

Not that I think you are. It really can help



More Beautiful Patterns- Fun to Knit


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A few More Adult Knitting Patterns

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  1. Great website! Thank you so much for sharing your great projects with us. I just wanted to tell everyone that this book really is a good one! I bought it awhile ago and it was a must have for learning some really great techniques!
    Keep it up!

  2. I found your blog site whilst searching for something distinct on Bing and google about topics related to movies, although I had the opportunity to read this posting and I found it really interesting certainly.

  3. You are amazing I do not know how you fit it all in! You are a wonderful nurse and such a talented knitter. I would love to see a picture of the finished article. It sounds lovely. What colour is it?

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