Free Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern- A Favorite Among All Knitters

free baby bootie knitting pattern

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Free Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern-What Could Be Better?


free baby bootie knitting pattern

I have been looking everywhere for a sweet free baby bootie knitting pattern. I wanted it to be a little lacy but well constructed. I didn’t want it to fall off the baby’s foot with every movement.

I Wanted A Pattern That Would Stay On The Baby’s Foot

I don’t know about you but I think this is a tall order. I have knit dozens of little knit socks%image_alt% for little ones, some purchased and some were free,  and although they are cute they are just not functional.

What got me thinking about this, was a friend that had the cutest  booties knit for her by someone else and she lost one of them in the first week. She was sick about it. She said it didn’t really fit the baby but was so cute and she didn’t want to offend her friend that knit it.


Why Not Knit Something That Will Actually Stay On?

I can understand that but why not knit something that will stay put. Well of all places, I found this pattern on the BBC. You’ve got to admit this is one well constructed free knit baby bootie pattern.


free baby bootie knitting patternfree baby bootie knitting patternfree baby bootie knitting patternfree baby bootie knitting patternfree baby bootie knitting patternfree baby bootie knitting pattern
Click on Photo to Go to BBC for Pattern

I think they are adorable. Just click the image and go over to the BBC and check out this free baby bootie knitting pattern, and see if you don’t agree. It is not complicated at all. The key here is the right size needles. The pattern suggests 3.5mm needles. Remember this is a British site, so look at your needle size carefully. A size 2 or 3 American knitting needle would work great.


Additional Help to Work this

Free Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern

Also I found this video of someone helping a beginning knitter know how to work the pattern, Yes the same one as above of the little cream ones. It is really very helpful and easy to follow. And you can pause and reverse to be sure you get all your questions answered.

The pattern is located on the video but it is a long url. So here it is. I loved these, I hope you do to and have fun! I know it joined my knitting patterns favorite list.

Another Precious Little Slipper for A Happy New Baby

And This Pattern is Also Free From

baby bootie knitting patternsBaby Booties Free Knitting Pattern

This is another gorgeous free pattern from You do have to create a free account to get to the pattern, but don’t hesitate because there are tons of patterns there.

Cute Little Baby Jane Booties

But these precious little booties are special because they can be adjusted with the little Mary Jane Strap to fit whatever little foot it is going on. And thus as already discussed, they will stay in place and not get lost. And these are not difficult to make. So you can enjoy the completion of your project quickly. There is a lot to be said for a free pattern.

These would be perfect for gifting to the new mom. Or any knitter on your knitter’s Gift list.


Not Having to Spend Anything For Your Knitting Pattern Helps You Love Knitting


If you can find a lovely little sock pattern for free and enjoy making it, you will feel great. It is the best way to learn to knit booties and to learn to love knitting them. I do have several other Free Baby Bootie Knitting Patterns that you can check out too.

You can always buy some paid bootie patterns, they are not expensive and they are plentiful and usually they are a bit more unique and detailed in their style and pattern. I have other Baby Booties posts that will help you find some really cute inexpensive bootie patterns, but for now. Just have fun!!

Have A Look At This


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Sharing is greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Free Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern- A Favorite Among All Knitters

  1. thank you! You really should, working with yarn is the best pastime ever. I love knitting and crochet!

  2. So cute! Wish I could knit. I’ve tried but we just don’t get along. I do crochet though and my niece will be having twins in February so I need to get busy.

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