Cable Knitting without a Cable Needle – WOW! Knitting Technique (Video)

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Cable Knitting Without A Cable Needle

Cable knitting%image_alt% Without a cable needle takes the fear of cabling away. How many times have you wanted to knit some cute baby pattern but it required you to make cables. I am not sure why, but we are afraid of cables.

Maybe it is because we have to use THREE needles. Yes. two knitting needles%image_alt% and a cable needle. And sometimes you can’t find the cable needlecable knitting without a cable needle that is the same size of the needles you are doing the main knitting on. So you just sort of fake it and make do with the size you have.

Well I am thrilled to share with you a fantastic find. Cabling without a cable needle. The following very short video explains how it is done. And the amazing thing you could adapt this to any baby knitting pattern, Use it as a trim or a part of the main body. Explore the possibilities. This makes an easy knitting pattern out of something more complicated. It is really cool!

I hope you become as excited about this as I am. Go knit something!

Yes! You can Knit Cable and Not Use A Cable Needle- Here’s How (Video)

Knitting Cables Without a Cable Needle

How to knit cables without using a cable needle! Denise Interchangeables demonstrates both right-leaning and left-leaning cables.

The Very Easy Guide to Cable Knitting

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