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How to Cast on stitches in the middle of your row - Easy Video Tutorials
Cast on Stitches in the Middle of the Row

How to Cast on Stitches in the Middle of your Row – Easy Video Tutorials

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How can I cast on stitches in the middle of the row

How can I cast on stitches in the middle of my work? This post will teach you three different methods for solving this problem that many knitters have run into. And this need for extra cast on stitches can occur in the middle of a row like for a button hole. Or it can be required at the end or beginning of a row like for making an armhole.


If you are not a beginning knitter you may have run into a pattern that wants you to add on a few more stitches, and not at the beginning of your work.  Sometimes in the middle of a row you may need to add a few stitches in order to make a button hole. And occasionally you will need to cast on at the end or beginning of a row for a border. Or still yet, you may have put some stitches on a stitch holder so you didn’t knit them at the same time as the rest of the stitches on the working needles, but then you are asked to make a bridge of stitches by adding some cast on additional stitches right in the middle of your work.


How to Cast on Stitches in the middle of your knitting


No matter what the reason for needing these extra stitches, the pattern calls for them and you need to get those stitches on your needles.


Well, how do you get those stitches onto your needles? Well there are a couple of easy ways that you will run into early in your knitting journey. One method is a backwards loop cast on which is a basic stitch that most people are taught as a quick fix. Gets the job done easily. But there is a problem, it’s just not a good cast on. It’s very loose and causes a large loop while you are putting the cast on together. It just doesn’t work well when the pattern causes for a larger number of additional stitches.


A better and yet still simple method is the knitted cast on, it makes a much nicer looking edge and it is a stronger tighter cast on that looks like just an extension of the work already being done. It doesn’t stick out as an afterthought.


Cast On Stitches in the Middle of your Work -Video Tutorial

The following quick and easy knitting video tutorial will demonstrate for you how to do both methods and you can make the decision as to which one works best for you in different situations.




A Third Way of casting on extra stitches after you’ve started your work is the cable cast on.  This easy and pretty method of cast on is going to give you a very sturdy edge that does not have a lot of stretch or give to it. It is perfect for making button holes. But not so good for arm holes or neck lines or places that you may want to do some shaping.



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Casting on Stitches in the Middle of your Work – Video Tutorial


The follow video tutorial will demonstrate the cable cast on method as well as the other two, the backward loop cast on and the knitted cast on, at the end of his row instead of in the middle of a knit row. He does a nice job of explaining each one.



Slow Motion Screen Shot of Each Cast On



casting on stitches with backward loop method
The backward loop cast on. Wrap the yarn around your thumb and insert needle and pull of stitch to the left needle.


cast on stitches in middle of your work




Cable cast on for adding stitches in middle of the row
The third cast on method is the cable cast on. Much like the knitted cast on but instead of knitting inside the stitch front to back, you insert your needle front to back in between the two knit stitches.


Here is Another Video That Will Give You Further Insight into Cast On in Middle of the Row

Another really excellent use of the middle of the row cast on is making button holes.


 Practice all Three Methods and Determine Your Favorite

There is no hard, set in stone rule as to which one is best or which one “should” be used in any situation. You can make any of them work in any situation. It is your knitting after all. So play with them and give each of them the opportunity to “speak to you”. The one you like is the one you like. Knitting is about enjoying the craft. Do what feels right and enjoy yourself.





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