Continental Knitting and Simple Bind Off- Knitting Techniques (Video)

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Continental Knitting and Simple Bind Off


Continental knitting and simple bind off will be discussed here. I learned to knit the usual “yarn throwing” method or in other words holding my working yarn in the right hand and “throwing” the yarn over the needle to make a knit stitch. I love that method and it works perfectly well on any pattern. But I have in later years learned how to continental knit.

Continental knitting is a method that you hold your yarn and work your stitch all with the left hand. The right hand is only holding the right needle and at times helping the stitch from the left needle over to the right needle. But all creation of the knit or purl stitch is done completely by the left hand. Well although if felt awkward at first, I have come to love this style of knitting as well.

For me it does seem to be a quicker way to knit. But speed is really not the point of knitting. But monotonous stitching like the garter or stockinette stitch can get tiresome and the continental knitting technique does make it much more entertaining. So I actually find myself switching back and forth. It does not affect the way your knitting looks. It is just a method of holding your needles and yarn.



Continental Knitting How to (Video)


The following two videos first show you how to do the continental knitting stitch and also how to do continental knitting and simple bind off.  Enjoy, I love learning new things. I hope this will help you too.


Continental Knitting Bind Off How To (Video)


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