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Continental Style Knitting For Beginners (Video Tutorials)

Continental Style Knitting for Beginners (video tutorials )

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Learn How to Knit Continental Style


Continental Style Knitting is definitely something to give a try. You may even learn how to knit faster and add something new to your knitting arsenal. What you will find on this page is the help you need to switch from English Style to Continental Style knitting. and have fun while you are doing it. You will understand very clearly the difference between English style and Continental style and the steps you need to take to make this happen for you.


One thing that needs to be made clear right now is that neither style is better than the other. Seriously, it is knitting people. Enjoy your craft!! Some people say that you will knit faster with Continental, but you know there are knitters of the English style that knit like lightning. It is silly to say one is faster than the other. But your own practice and getting used to either style is what will make you faster. Do what works for you. Heck learn them both, then make your choice.


woman's hands continental style knitting with blue yarn


I have always been an English knitter because that is the way I was taught how to knit by my grandmother. That means that I held the working yarn, the yarn coming from the ball of yarn, in my right hand and “threw” the yarn over the needle to make my knits and purls. I loved it and enjoyed it for decades. I still do. I see no reason to change to continental style knitting. English knitting works great and there’s nothing wrong with it.


But here is what I am going to say to you, because I said it to me…why not check it out? Why not?!


Continental style knitting is not evil, It works well, it is just a bit of an adjustment. Your right hand will feel abandoned for awhile. But you will teach it new responsibilities.  And it is actually fun.


And believe it or not it is not difficult to learn. It is a mindset. You have to allow your head and your hands to work a little differently. But once you get the hang of it, it is great fun. And you will feel good about yourself. You have increased your knitting repertoire. You have learned new skills and you are having fun. So give it a chance and let’s teach you how to knit continental style.


Ladies' hands continental style knitting with purple yarn





How to Cast on Stitches in the Middle of Your Row
How to Use Double Pointed Needles
Knitting Techniques


How to Knit and Purl Continental Style Knitting for Dummies

This is a very short and sweet video that shows you the basic knit and purl stitch in the continental style. Notice the way she wraps the yarn for the demonstration.






Continental VS English Style Knitting

In this video you will see clearly demonstrated the difference between the two styles of knitting. And what I like about this video is the knitter although she clearly prefers Continental, she demonstrates both styles and even states that some English style knitters can knit much faster than she can. And she says you need to do what suits you. So I like her lack of trying to influence you once way or the other.



Further Insights in Switching from English Style to Continental Style Knitting


I have included this video because I really like this knitter’s attitude, also she really demonstrates nicely how she likes to hold the yarn in her fingers. The yarn tension is one of the biggest problems a knitter will have with continental knitting, especially if you are coming from English style knitting. She demonstrates both English and then Continental and she really makes it look easy and very clear. This is the type of video you could stop and reverse and watch again and again, practicing while you watch. She makes it very clear.


She also has a very clever trick for helping with the yarn placement and with tension. She says “put a ring on it”. You can read about this cute trick if you are interested. Put a Ring on It


Final Thoughts on Learning How to Knit Continental Style


So, there you have it. Three different videos that give you a little different slant on how to do continental style knitting. Each have their own take on it and ideas as to hold your yarn and control your tension. Most importantly… you’ve got this! and once you have it you can decide which style of knitting you like best and move forward. Enjoy your knitting future, no matter what has become your favorite style, Continental style or English style.


If you think you might like to stay with Continental Knitting or move forward and strengthen your skill in this style knitting. I highly recommend Lorilee Beltman. This course from Craftsy, now Bluprint, was how I learned to knit continental. She is outstanding in her teaching method and she teaches a lot of tips and tricks that make it so much more doable. I really enjoyed this course and hope you do too.






Free Knitting Patterns to Practice Your New Continental Knitting Skills


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