Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern- Great Way to Start Knitting

Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern


Beautiful easy baby blanket knitting patterns, no need to stress, enjoy knitting

Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern-No Need to Make it Difficult

An easy baby blanket  knitting pattern is the perfect way to start knitting. A lot of times you may actually be brand new and really have never had any experience with knitting. Let’s face it, knitting can be intimidating. A lot of people learned to knit from their grandmothers. But what if you didn’t have the opportunity to learn to knit from a grandparent or parent and even when you were young. So the point is, easy baby blankets to knit for beginners is a great way to give yourself a strong start in knitting.

Well you need help. I didn’t learn to knit until I was an adult, actually in my late 20’s which was a couple minutes ago for sure.  And it wasn’t easy for me, but I was determined and I just kept trying. And worse yet, YouTube had not been born ye! But finally I found a knitting friend that had the patience to really put up with me and my mistakes and with that kind of encouragement I fell in love with this wonderful craft.  

Easy knitting patterns for beginners,  a baby blanket is truly a wonderful way to start knitting. So if you are a beginner don’t be afraid to try a baby blanket.  There are no angles or corners or seaming to do, and you can frequently find one that will have only one or two knitting stitches. I have several really cute and easy baby blanket knitting patterns for you to choose from and keep scrolling because I have a couple gorgeous and FREE patterns for you too, just for fun.



In A Hurry? Or Curious? 

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Beginner Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns



For those who are a little timid about learning to knit this easy baby blanket knitting pattern is the pattern for you. Knit on extra large needles and using bulky yarn this blanket is exceptionally beautiful, only basic knitting stitches are needed.  The first two stitches learned in knitting are knit and purl, these are the only two stitches used in this pattern. And they provide step by step photos for the beginner knitter. You can not mess this up and you are going to feel great being able to complete a beautiful knitting project. It will propel you into knitting more and more.

Two different sizes are included with this pattern, either a warm cuddly baby blanket or it can be a luscious lap blanket or couch throw both remarkably beautiful.

Buttercream is the color called for in this pattern which is gorgeous but you can use whatever color you think is prettiest or matches the decor of the nursery the baby will have. You will gain the added bonus of being completed very quickly because of the large needles and the bulky yarn. This stunning new blanket will be yours before you even know it.

(Get this easy baby blanket knitting pattern beginners and experienced knitters are going to love at Etsy.com)

Etsy.com has many beautiful easy baby blanket knit patterns. Known for their beautiful designs the Etsy artisans are unmatched. You will surely find exactly what you want with a search.  You can enjoy your own search by CLICKING HERE !



Here Are Several Easy Knit Blanket Patterns – Easy AND Beautiful

Annie’s patterns are known for being clear and easy to understand, they give you the extra explanation and help you need to be able to complete your project and create a gorgeous new baby blanket. These easy knitted baby blanket patterns are popular and definitely worth a look.

Sometimes the pattern can be simple repetitive stitches that makes for a very easy baby blanket knitting pattern, that way you can memorize them and then pay attention to the technique without having to worry so much about the order of the stitches. These baby blankets are well liked by the people who have tried them. Maybe one would work for you.  

Baby Heart Blanket Knit PatternBaby Heart Blanket Knit PatternEasy Knit Baby Blanket Collection 2 PatternEasy Knit Baby Blanket Collection 2 PatternEasy Knit Baby Blankets Pattern - Collection 1Easy Knit Baby Blankets Pattern – Collection 1Softest Baby Blanket Ever Knit PatternSoftest Baby Blanket Ever Knit PatternIvy Blanket Knit PatternIvy Blanket Knit PatternThe Encore 8-Hour Baby Blanket Knit PatternThe Encore 8-Hour Baby Blanket Knit Pattern

Top 3 Knitting Patterns Today:

Leisure Arts Baby Afghan Knitting Patterns


Leisure Arts is a well known leading source for excellent knitting patterns. They produce easy to understand knitting patterns and beautiful pictures of the finished product. Each pattern book has several great knitting patterns that you will have problem choosing which one to knit first. As well as several easy knitting patterns for baby blankets. You can’t go wrong.

Buying Tip: Watch the above page for changing prices. If you are able to find these pattern books for under $15, that is a great price. Grab them! Check Current Price Here

Fun and Traditional Easy Knitting Baby Blanket Patterns From Etsy

Easy baby blanket KNITTING PATTERNSEasy baby blanket KNITTING PATTERNSEasy baby blanket knitting pattern. Traditional basket weave blanket  Baby blanket knitting pattern. Traditional basket weave blanketEasy KNITTING PATTERN Baby BlanketEasy KNITTING PATTERN Baby BlanketDragon Baby Blanket, Easy level knitting patternDragon Baby Blanket, Easy level knitting pattern

These are all easy Knitting patterns that a beginner knitter could easily master. Etsy is known for making sure you will be successful with your efforts. And the results are truly beautiful and so wonderful for gifting the new mom. Make several to see always be ready for that next baby shower invitation.

Click Here to see all the beautiful patterns Etsy has to offer.


Beautiful Easy Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

This Video is great for explaining the seed stitch, which is one of the most basic and first learned pattern stitches in knitting. The seed stitch is knit one, purl one all the way across the row. The on the returning row, reverse it and purl one, knit one. continue in this pattern until you reach the length you desire.  It is an excellent tutorial and under the video she gives you another Free Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern for you on her website. I’m sure you’ll love it.  Afterall, easy baby blanket knitting patterns, FREE are more fun!



This Is A Really Beautiful And Easy Baby blanket Knitting Pattern And It’s FREE

This free easy baby blanket knit pattern is so sweet and it is very easy. Some refer to these as baby afghan knitting patterns for beginners because they are so straight forward and simple for you as a beginner to grasp the concept.

I have the pattern below for you with some Videos to explain the stitches if you need help. Or you can get the pattern straight from Lionbrand.  -Baby blanket knitting patterns for beginners free  patterns are a great way to get into knitting and a great gift for a new little one.

easy baby blanket knitting pattern

 Recommended Yarn


Easy knitting pattern for baby blanket is not only beautiful it is going to be easily mastered by a beginner knitter for sure. Just simple yarn overs (yo) and knitting (k) and Knit 2 together (K2tog). And you only have to cast on five stitches to begin with. I love the ones that don’t require a lot of stitches to cast on. You don’t have to keep count and it is so easy to “grow” a pattern from a small number of stitches.

This pattern is from LionBrand , I’ve told you about them before. If you don’t already have a membership you sign up for free then you will have access to tons of free patterns as well as their paid patterns. But even those are very reasonable.

Plus they recommend the perfect yarn for the project, but remember you can switch up the yarns and make this pattern truly your own. Never be afraid to experiment!

 Here Is the Above Free Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern From LionBrand

Here is the easy baby knitting pattern for beginners, free for you.  See how easy it is. It won’t take anything for you to memorize the pattern and you will soon be seeing your baby blanket grow and become a wonderful creation for your own baby or a perfect gift at the ready for the next time you have need.

Cast on 5 sts.
Row 1: Knit.
Row 2: K3, yo, k2.
Row 3: K3, yo, k3.
Row 4: K3, yo, k to end of row.
Rep last row until you have 90 sts on needle.
Next (decrease) row: K2, k2tog, yo, k2tog, k to end of row.
Rep last row until 5 sts remain. Bind off.

Weave in ends.

 To get the recommended Yarns, Go On over to LionBrand.com
for this precious little blanket.


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Here Is Some Help For You For The Stitches In The Pattern That May Be Unfamiliar (Videos)

View these two videos that will give you help with the knitting stitches YO and K2tog, that are used in this pattern.These are really basic and simple stitches. Knitting doesn’t have to be complicated. Just  pause the videos and watch them again as you mimic making the stitch. You’ll quickly pick up how to successfully navigate these two stitches. Easy knitted baby blankets free patterns, does not mean a little help wouldn’t be welcome. These videos will do that for you. 




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An easy baby blanket knitting pattern is the perfect for the beginner knitter. Start out easy to learn the basics but soon you'll master this fantastic craft. So many different baby blanket knitting patterns including some free baby blanket knit patterns. #BabyKnittingPattern #EasyBabyKnittingPattern #freeknittingpattern

An Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern is the way to go to get your feet wet with knitting, not to mention make a wonderful gift for a new mom and baby. A great way to learn to love knitting.
An easy baby blnaket knitting pattern will let you explore the world of knitting even as a beginner. Many types of stitches are available to knitters in a baby blanket. Why not learn to knit while making a beautiful creation for that new baby in your life?
An easy baby blanket knitting pattern can make you into a pro knitter in no timer at all. Baby blanket patterns can range from beginner to advanced. using basic stitches to more complicated stitches to keep you motivated. Learn to love knitting with a baby blanket knitting pattern.
An easy baby blanket knitting pattern is the perfect way to make knitting your bag. A perfect beginner project to learn knitting and a perfect baby shower gift. Learn to love knitting with a baby blanket knitting pattern.
An easy baby blanket knitting pattern is a great way to learn to love knitting. Patterns can be as simple or as advanced as you are ready to master. Plus it is a wonderful baby project. What baby doesn't need a baby blanket?
An easy baby blanket knitting pattern is a sentimental best seller among new moms. The perfect baby shower gift and the perfect way to learn to love knitting. Baby blanket patterns can be as easy as you need it to be. Learn to love knitting with a baby blanket knitting pattern.
Easy baby blanket knitting pattern. Perfect way to learn to knit. Easy instructions.
Easy Baby blanket knit patterns, simple for the beginner knitter. And tutorial videos included. Post includes paid and free patterns. #easybabyblanketknitpattern #Freebabyblanketknitpattern #Freeknittingpatterns #Easyknittingpatterns

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7 thoughts on “Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern- Great Way to Start Knitting

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  2. In the very easy knitting baby blanket what size of knitting needles do you use?

  3. There is a link at the bottom of the pattern that takes you over to the free site Lionbrand. You can get many more details there. But the needle size they recommend is Circular needle size 13 (9 mm), 29 in. (73.5 cm) long. Hope that helps and have fun knitting this very nice baby blanket.

  4. Hello Marg, thank you for stopping by and for your question. The link to the pattern and the recommended yarns is under the pattern on the page. IF you need more details you could click through. But the yarn they recommended is here. I went over to get the URL for you. But remember you do not have to limit yourself to what they suggest. You can make this with any yarn and any size needle and any color. It is wonderful for that blank canvas feel that you can make it your own. Have fun with it! Thanks again for stopping by.

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