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Free Baby Blanket Knit Pattern - A Great Way To Get Started With Knitting
free baby blanket knit pattern

Free Baby Blanket Knit Pattern – A Great Way To Get Started With Knitting

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Free Baby Blanket Knit Pattern

Free baby blanket knit pattern is the subject of this post. I love to knit baby blankets. And a free  knit pattern is the best. Not only are they cute and easy to knit, but usually the patterns are easy to memorize and then you can knit on the run.

Baby blanket knitting patterns are the perfect project for gifting. easy to knit and quick to complete. And everyone loves a knitted baby blanket, whether you keep it or gift it, it will be a hit.

An easy take along project and you can use such a variety of yarn choices and colors. You can switch up the colors and make it your own pattern.  



A beautiful Very Giftable Free Baby Blanket Pattern

FREE - Sweethearts Baby BlanketFREE – Sweethearts Baby Blanket

A truly beautiful  Knitting pattern, quickly downloadable and completely Free, Enjoy your next Baby Shower Gift.

It is So Handy To Have a Gift At the Ready

Plus it is wonderful to have a gift ready when you find out someone you care about has become pregnant. So you are knitting for fun and joy but with a purpose. Feels good doesn’t it?

So anyway, here is this really cute and free baby blanket knit pattern. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Free Baby Blanket Knit Pattern
Approximately 36 x 48 ins
20 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in stocking stitch.
Cast on 225 stitchs.(Definitely better to use circular needles to handle this many stitches, but not absolutely necessary)
Knit 5 rows (garter stitch).
Proceed in pattern as follows:
1st row: (RS).K2.P2. K4. *yo. K3. Sl1. K2tog. psso. K3. yo. K1. Rep from * to last 3 sts. K3.P2.K2
2nd row: K7. Purl to last 3 sts. K7.
3rd row: P2.K2. continue in pattern same as 1st row until last four stitches. Then end K2.P2
4th row: Knit across
These 4 rows form pattern.
Continue in pattern until work from beginning measures approximately 47 inches [119.5 cm] ending with 2nd row of pattern.
Knit 5 rows. Cast off knitwise.

Additional Notes: 

You can use any type of yarn you like, but when knitting for an infant it is a good idea to only use synthetic yarns since we do not want to take a chance with allergies for such a young one. And you can use any color you like, make it your own, You could even use self striping yarn to make it very uniquely yours.

If you would like to download this pattern, Click Here

A Seed Stitch Free Knit Pattern For Baby’s Next Blanket (Video)

This video will help you with a new project for your little one. The video shows you how to knit the pattern and gives you the written pattern as well. Here is the link to the pattern on her blog. It is a perfect quick and easy knit pattern. Enjoy this one for sure.

Another Easy Baby Blanket Knit Pattern And It’s FREE too!

FREE- Stripey Diagonal Baby Blankie Pattern (Knit),FREE- Stripey Diagonal Baby Blankie Pattern (Knit),

This is a great simple baby blanket knitting pattern and best yet it is free. This is a garter stitch that is done on the diagonal and the self stripping yarn does all the work. Make it as big as you want or follow the pattern size It is really cute.

It is a pattern at, which is one of my favorite pattern stops for paid and free patterns. You have to sign up for a free account. But the place is loaded, so don’t hesitate. Click on the picture or go here for your free baby blanket knit pattern.




A Box Stitch Baby Blanket Another Free Easy Knit Baby Blanket Pattern

 Box Stitch Baby Blanket

&How To Knit

This is definitely a snugly beautiful baby blanket. It is made with doubled yarn on size 10 (fairly large) knitting needles, so it moves along quickly. You of course, can choose whatever color you like and it will for sure become a favorite of any little one. This knitted baby blanket will make a perfect gift for the next upcoming shower or next new mama that comes along.

(Get this soft cuddly Box Stitch knit baby blanket for free at

Ravelry is a community of people who love to knit and crochet. They share their crafts and patterns, many of which are free. But you will have to sign up for a free membership in order to download. Don’t worry it is a wonderful community. 


How To Knit The Box Stitch (Video)

This very simple and straight forward video will build your confidence that you will be successful in creating your Box Stitch Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern. Have a Look.

Another Really Great Free Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern


 This baby blanket can be any color or color combination that you want. Try some textured yarns too. If still looking for more patterns,  I have written another post with more free baby blanket knit patterns.

  For More Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns.

Because this pattern is knit in the round and you have to pick up stitches from the center starter square, I’ve found some videos to explain how both are done to help you along.

(You can get this free baby blanket knit pattern at You will need to sign up for a free account in order to download pattern. But the site is full of wonderful patterns.)


How to Knit on Circular Needles in 5 Easy Steps(Video)

Pick Up And Knit (Video)

Don’t Give Up The Hunt, Your Perfect Pattern Is Out There

But don’t be discouraged if you can’t find free baby knitting patterns that you like, there are tons of patterns that are inexpensive and very beautiful. Many of them are easy baby blanket knitting patterns that are easily understood and quick to complete. Others are more advanced but even they can be mastered. So never tire on your search for the exact baby knitting pattern that you want.

But before you go, here is another beautiful and free  baby blanket knit patternThere are also some suggestions as to what yarns are best for knitting baby blankets. 


Take A Look At This

You May Enjoy These Ideas Too:

Just stop worrying about being able to knit. Just knit. Choose a free baby blanket knit pattern that is easy to knit and that you will be able to finish quickly and realize you can do this. Enjoy these baby blanket knit patterns free.

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  1. Thank you for posting the patterns! The question I have is…where’s the blanket pattern used in the image for this page? The one with the basket weave pattern and the gorgeous scalloped border? Please post the link to it, if you can recall where you found it. 🙂

  2. Hello and thank you for your question. I am sorry I do not have the pattern for that baby blanket. I had found the photo and loved it too so that is why I used it. But I’m sure you can find the basket weave pattern, it is pretty common, but your comment made me think it was the scalloped edge that really intrigued you so I did a little looking to see if I could find some pretty knit scalloped edging for you. Here are some links to what I found. Hope you like them too. And thanks again for your question. It made me find some new ideas for my own projects.

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