Free Easy Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern Two Needle Pattern Knit Flat


Free Easy Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern

One of the baby patterns that is often requested are Baby Booties. But an easy baby bootie knitting pattern comes in first. People seem intimidated to knit something so tiny or so tight quartered. I can understand that. Especially back when your only option was to use double pointed needles or to knit them in the round.

But what about knitting them flat.Like any other piece you might knit? And what about making them using only the most basic stitches? Yes, that’s what I said, basic stitches, knit flat on single point knitting needles. And you can finish the whole thing in an evening of knitting while watching television. It is that easy.

I have the pattern below with some assist from me, giving you pictures of my knitting of this pattern to show you the steps. I hope you enjoy this free and easy baby bootie knitting pattern and tutorial.




  Ribbed Toe Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern Knit Flat With Only Basic Knitting Stitches


Yarn: soft baby yarn, any color.

Needles: Size US 7 single point shorter needles would be best, 9 or 10 inches is long enough


2 inches= 7 sts

Sizes: 0-3 months (preemie or newborn) 

Note: Using heavier yarn or larger needles, one or two sizes, would make the bootie larger. Or you could actually cast on more stitches since there is not a pattern that requires a count, just make it an even number. You can experiment to find the size you like. Some people prefer to give newborn sizes because baby will eventually go to socks when they become more active, And these are perfect gifts for a baby shower when mother is going to want to dress her soon arriving new little one. 

Body and Heel of Bootie:

Cast on 16 sts. Work in Garter Stitch (All Knit, back and forth, row after row of knit stitch)  


Cast on 16 stitches

NOTE: The suggestion I can make here is to not knit too loosely, you want this to be firm when done to hold it’s shape

Stitch for 4 inches.

knit garter stitch for 4 inches

Bind off 8 sts at the start of the row.

Bind off 8 stitches

Now for the Toes:
Row 1 and 2: Purl (back and forth)

Row 3 and 4: Knit (back and forth) 

Repeat this four row pattern  until piece measures 9 inches from the cast on edge. Bind off. Leave a long piece of yarn to sew seams with. 

Row in 4 pattern rows until 9 inches.

NOTE: Again a suggestion in this area is to do what works for you to keep track of where you are. I used a pen and paper to just keep track of the count, k,k p,p k,k, p,p. Believe it or not you can get lost. 


first fold the wider piece



Now it is time to knit the side seem which I took a picture to help you see where I mean. First fold up the ends to meet in the middle. The wider in fold in half and then bring the narrow toe piece up to the middle


then fold the narrow piece up to meet and make the seam


















Sew the side seam


Now, sew the bottom seam. Just a straight seam.

Next, attach you yarn at one side of the toes, about 1/2 inch up the front side. and do a running stitch all the way around the toes and up the front on the other side. Now, pull it tight into a ‘rosebud’ on top of the bootie and secure it with a knot.

make a running stitch around the toes to draw into a knot


Success! Just fold back the top over the heel and slip your baby’s foot right in. Repeat for the second bootie.

success! you've made a bootie


easy baby bootie knitting pattern

I tried to take pictures as I went along to help you see what was what. I hope you enjoy making these cute little booties for yourself or gifting to someone else.

If you would Like to download your own copy, just Click Here


Baby Booties Knitting Patterns

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Knitting pattern for free easy baby bootie knitting pattern. Tutorial and pattern download included. Very simple knitting pattern that is knit flat and uses only basic knitting stitches. #easybabybootieknittingpattern #Freeknittingpattern #Freepatterndownload

Baby Bootie knitting pattern, simple and only uses basic knitting stitches, and the pattern is knit flat, no double pointed needles or circular knitting. You can make these cute booties even if you are a beginner knitter. #easybabybootieknittingpattern #Freeknittingpattern #Freepatterndownload


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