Gauge And Swatching in Knitting: Knitting Techniques (Video)

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Gauge and Swatching In Knitting

Gauge and swatching in knitting is a key step in starting a new pattern. All knitting patterns tell you to check your gauge and to make a sample swatch to be sure your sizing will be correct. Now these are very sensible directions and definitely is well worth the time and effort.

Then why is it that so many knitters will skip this step? especially new knitters. Could it be that we think it is a waste of time and really not important? Well I can tell you from personal experience that nothing is further from the truth. Once I knit a gorgeous sweater with cabling down the front and puff sleeves, it was gorgeous and when I completed it it would have fit my five year old niece. Why did I make such a horrible error? I didn’t think it was important.

So learn from my mistake and take the time to check your gauge and make a swatch and just do it. You’ll avoid a lot of knitting heartache.



Knitting Technique: Gauge And Swatch How To (Video)

The follow video will further your knitting skills and add this knitting technique that will assist you along the way in your love of knitting, especially baby knitting patterns.

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Sharing is greatly appreciated!

5 thoughts on “Gauge And Swatching in Knitting: Knitting Techniques (Video)

  1. This is very …
    This is very informative, but it would be nice to have the camera person zoom in fast enough to actually catch you counting so we can see what and how you’re counting exactly 🙂

  2. i dont know how to …
    i dont know how to do any of this but for some reason i enjoyed the video. Maybe cause of all the numbers that made it sound interesting….well 4/5…um great video i guess lol idk.

  3. Good job describing …
    Good job describing how to do a swatch, but I would recommend Lily Chin’s tip on hanging the swatch, putting some clothes pins on the bottom, and measuring your gauge so that you get a hanging gauge rather than a flat gauge.

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