Learning Knit Socks, How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles

How to use double pointed knitting needles

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Learning How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles Is Much Easier Than You Might Think

How to use double pointed knitting needles

Learning how to use double pointed knitting needles might seem intimidating, but you might be surprised. You can use double pointed instead of circular needles  for all your sock knitting.  Some feel this is a better alternative to knitting with circular needles. I happen to be one of those people. I do love knitting with double pointed needles.

There is a wonderful variety of Baby bootie knitting patterns that will keep you engaged in this pastime for a very long time.

In A Hurry? If You are interested in seeing some beautiful baby bootie patterns for you to practice your double pointed knitting needles skills. CLICK HERE


Great For Knitting Socks Is a First Love

It is interesting and unique and so much fun! Maybe because I love knitting socks. But Knitting in the round just works for me. Baby Booties or socks or even little baby hats are very fun to make. DPN (double pointed needles) knitting is not complicated. There is just one rule that must be obeyed when DPN knitting, You must not allow your thread to get twisted. When you obey this rule the rest is easy.

Knit Double Pointed Needles Is A Great Take Along Project

double pointed needles

Small projects like booties or hats are great also because they are easy to take along, like on a trip or to the park  And they have the added bonus of being quickly finished. You have to agree it is so empowering to actually finish a project.

No Guilt Necessary To Only Have Only One Project Going At A Time

Most knitters have a half dozen projects started and have a little knitter’s guilt for not finishing them before starting another “must do” project.

But knitting small projects like knitting for baby, you can luxuriate in the pleasure of finishing a project. And I always love having  knitted baby gifts completed and waiting for the next baby. You know how they just keep coming along, and when they do, You’re ready! It is such a win-win proposition.


 Precious Baby Scrunchy Socks Free Knitting Pattern for DPN Knitting

Starting out small with Double Pointed Sock Knitting might be the better way to get your feet wet. Less to hold in your hands and to manipulate the yarn around four or five needles. Here is a very cute scrunchy baby socks  Free Knitting Pattern that would make perfect gifts for the next new baby that comes along.

Scrunchy BootiesScrunchy Booties Free Knitting Pattern

Learn Knitting Socks, Some  Help With Learning How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles

So here is some help if you are a little rusty when you knit double pointed needles.

knit double pointed needles
Here is a quick video that demonstrates how to use DPN. You will see how doable this is. The video does assume you have some knowledge as to how to cast on to a needle. But the beauty of watching a tube grow as you knit is just a joy.  And this technique will work for anything you want to knit in the round. Using circular needles is better when using a large number of stitches like for an afghan. Have a look here.




Try Your Knit Double Pointed Needles Skills on this Free Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern

Here is a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn for a precious little pair of booties. Remember if it asks you to sign in, It is a free account and there are thousands of free patterns there and they even make suggestions as to the yarn and needles you might want. Enjoy.

Remember learning a new knitting technique is best on a beautiful free pattern so you can move on to a paid pattern that will have a bit more detail or style later on, Plus they are just fun. So learn how to use double pointed knitting needles without the stress of spending anything on the pattern. You’ll be ready to move on before you know it.

how to use double pointed knitting needles
Free Knitting Pattern: Duplicate Stitch Wee Socks

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Free Baby Knitting Pattern for Baby Booties Scrunchy Socks. A great way to learn how to use double pointed knitting needles. #FreeBabyKnittingPattern #BabyKnittingPatterns #Knitting

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