Knitted Cuffed Baby Booties Easy Free Knitting Pattern

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Knitted Cuffed Baby Booties An Original Knitting Pattern

Knitted cuffed baby booties are a great asset in your knitting arsenal. I have been knitting baby booties for a long time. They are small, great take along projects, which I love, and they are quick to complete. There are a ton of great patterns out there but I wanted a couple specific things in my pattern.


I have knit many different baby booties patterns and gifted them and frequently the same complaint comes back. The booties won’t stay on. So this pattern is my solution to that problem. I wanted the soul to be oblong, soft and helps to keep baby’s foot in the shoe, kind of holds on at toes and heels. I also wanted the toe to be rounded in a fan shape. Same idea, cling to baby’s foot so the bootie stays on, Then I wanted a deep clingy edge and cuff, causing  it to snug up around the ankle. This bootie is going to stay put.


How to Knit The Best Cuffed Knit Baby Booties


Even though there are patterns that may cover some of these points, This is my take on one of the little knitted cuffed baby booties. I have made it downloadable for you so you can have your own take along project. And I have given you video assist to make sure you can complete your project. I really do hope you enjoy my take on this really cute bootie pattern.


Itty Bitty Toe Tappers Cuffed Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Newborn  Baby Booties for Your Little Girl or Boy


Knitted Cuffed Baby Booties (3)


Yarn: Baby yarn of your choice, color of your choice for your little one or perfect gift for that next baby shower.

Needles: US 6 (4 mm) straight needles or circular needles




KFB (knit in front and back of same stitch, increase by 1)

K2tog (Knit two together, decrease by 1)

P2tog (purl two together, decrease by 1)

PM (place marker)

SM (slip marker)

BO (bind off)


Additional notes:  I find it difficult to knit in really small spaces, especially to pick up stitches around a small area on straight needles. I prefer to use circular needles that gives me more control and less stretch out of shape. And when you get to the cuff if you are already using circular needles it will be really easy to go right into knitting in the round. When knitting in the round, I prefer to magic loop, but that is absolutely your choice. You could also use DPN’s or double pointed needles to knit in the round. Many knitters love this, again, it is up to your knitting preferences.







Soul of Bootie:

Cast on 5 stitches

Knit all

(now begin increase shaping)

K2, KFB, K2  (6)

Knit all

K2, KFB (twice), K2 (8)

Knit all

K2, KFB, K2, KFB, K2  (10)

Knit all

Continue in garter stitch (knit every row) until measures 31/2 inches from Cast On

(now begin decrease shaping)

K2, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K2  (8)

Knit all

K2, K2tog (twice), K2   (6)

Knit all

K2, K2tog, K2   (5)

Knit all

Soul of bootie is finished now.

knitted soul of baby bootie


Body of Bootie:


Place a marker center of 5 stitches. (this will mark your round is complete)

Evenly pick up 48 stitches around the soul of bootie. (you can pick up with the knit method or by crochet pick up stitches, your choice)


Knitting in progress picked up stitches around soul of bootie


Knit all 48 stitches in the round, (or magic loop method)

P2tog, P to last two stitches, P2tog   (46)

Purl all

Knit all

PM (different color) after 20 stitches from previous marker. (this marks center of  toe, take a look, make sure it looks centered)


knitting the foot of newborn baby bootie







Master Magic Loop Knitting
How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles
Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern


K to 9 stitches before second marker, *K2tog, K2*, 3 times, SM, *K1, K2tog*, 3 times, Knit to end.     (40)

Knit all

K to 9 stitches before second marker, *K2tog, K2*, 3 times, SM, *K1, K2tog*, 3 times, Knit to end.  (34)

Knit all

K to 9 stitches before second marker, *K2tog, K2*, 3 times, SM, *K1, K2tog*, 3 times, Knit to end   (28)

Knit all

K to 4 stitches before second marker, K2tog twice, SM, K2tog twice, K to end   (24)

Knit all (okay to remove second marker)

top and beginning of cuff for booties



 Begin 2 x 2 ribbing (K2,P2)

Continue until measures 3 inches  from cuff beginning


BO in pattern using Jennies surprisingly stretchy bind off (see post for help with this bind off)



Weave in all ends, Fold down cuff


Make second bootie


Congratulations! You have created the cutest Itty-Bitty Toe Tappers baby booties!


Itty Bitty Toe Tappers baby booties knitting pattern


If you would like a clean copy of this pattern for your personal or charitable use, Click Here

Resources That Will Help you With your Baby Booties Knitting Project

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Pattern and Pictures ©Susan Kaul 2019

Pattern for personal or charity use only






two babies looking at knit baby boobies and wishing mom would knit for them, white background and talk bubbles

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