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Free Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern - Knit in the Round

Free Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern – Knit in the Round

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Free Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern – Knit in the Round

Tiny Topper Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern

I love knitting in the round and Magic Loop is my favorite style of knitting in the round. I had just recently finished knitting a very cute little cardigan that had little owls on it. I searched for a pattern for a magic loop owl baby hat, but none was to be found to my liking. I wanted a Magic Loop Baby Hat pattern and so I decided to write my own pattern.


I tried it with one and two owls, but just wasn’t quite right because when the hat is stretched out over the baby’s head it just wasn’t enough to make the hat interesting and wonderfully cute on baby’s head. Three was perfect to my liking. I hope you are going to love this little baby hat as much as I do. OK, let’s get to it!



Free Magic Loop Baby Hat


This is a really cute little magic loop baby hat pattern with a very simple little cable owl pattern. Three little owls in fact. It went well with the cardigan I had finished. Baby hat knitting patterns are too small to knit in the traditional round style. and knitting on double point needles is the other option for small circumferences. So Magic Loop is the other answer. Did I mention I love Magic Loop? By the end of your knitting this Magic Loop Baby Hat, I hope it will be your favorite too.


Free Tiny Topper Magic Loop Baby Hat

I recommend knitting in the round for this little hat, either on double point knitting needles, or on a larger loop circular knitting needles at lease 36 inches to do magic loop. But you can also do this little hat on straight needles, you will just need to seem the hat together in the back. The remainder of the instructions will be geared toward knitting Magic Loop. The main difference in the instructions, is stockinette in the round means knit every row, instead of knit over and purl back. but in the 2 by 2 ribbing you knit 2 and purl 2 even when knitting in the round.


Stitches Used In this Pattern

k – knit


C4F – cable 4 front: put first 2 stitches on cable needle and hold in front, knit next two stitches, knit two stitches on cable needle

C4B – cable 4 back: put first 2 stitches on cable needle and hold in back, knit next two stitches, knit two stitches on cable needle

x – times : indicates the number of time to do a stated stitch for instance, (K8, P3) x3, so do the series, knit 8 purl 3, 3 times.

K2tog – knit 2 together, a decrease


Okay Lets Get Going:

Using size 7 (4.5mm) Knitting needles, (whichever way you choose to knit this) Cast on 56 stitches

Knitting Tip: To secure your Cast on yarn when you are knitting in the round and about to start the first connected row, pick up the cast on yarn tail and holding it with your live yarn, the yarn connected to the ball, knit the first two stitches. Then drop the cast on tail and complete your row. Then on the second row, pick up the tail again and knit one or two more stitches. Now your cast on tail is already woven in, it is okay to cut it now, plus your joining is snug and secure, which can be a problem for some knitters when knitting in the round, magic loop or regular in the round. 

Knit 2 rows in stockinette stitch.

Row 3 – 11: (8 rows) do 2 by 2 ribbing (knit 2, purl 2 all around)


Start of Tiny Topper Baby hat

Knitting Tip: Whether knitting Continental Style (holding the working yarn in the left hand) or English Style, (throwing the yarn with the right hand), work your stitches just on the tips of your needles. Meaning don’t push the stitch all the way up on the needle, forcing it to become the size of the needle. Instead, when you pick up the next stitch to be worked, keep it on the tip, the smaller part of your needle, and go ahead and work it as directed. This will keep your stitches snug and not stretched and your work will look so much more professional.

Row 12-14: (3 rows) work stockinette stitch

Row 15: K6, P3, (K8, P3) x3, K to end of row

Row 16: Same as Row 15

Row 17: K6, P3, (C4B, C4F, P3) x3, K to end of row

Row 18:- 22: (5 rows) Same as Row 15


You have a good start on the Cable Owl Pattern now


Start of Magic Loop Cable Pattern for baby hat


Row 23: Same as Row 17

Row 24: Same as Row 15

Row 25: K6, P3, (K1, P2, K2, P2, K1, P3) x 3, Knit  to end of row

Knitting Tip: Sometimes when knitting a project, you lose a stitch in the round, where did it go, I have no idea, but you may find that it happens. You should not beat yourself up. It happens. Just increase or decrease the stitch that you need to “find” and get on with it. It really won’t make a huge difference and the finished project will look fantastic.  Knitting should be fun! not stressful. Enjoy yourself!


Row 26-27: Same as Row 15

Row 28: Same as Row 17

Row 29: Same as Row 15

Row 30: Knit all


The Owl Cable Pattern is now complete


Cable Owl hat Pattern Complete


Now Starting the Decrease for the top of the little hat

Row 31: (K4, K2tog) to the end of row

Row 32: Knit all

Row 33: (K3, K2tog) to the end of row

Row 34: Knit all

Row 35: (K2, K2tog) to the end of row

Row 36: Knit all

Row 37: (K2, K2tog) to the end of row

Row 38: Knit all

Row 39:(K2tog) to the end of row

Row 40: Knit all

Row 41: K2tog x2,  K1, K2tog x2

Row 42: You now have 6 live stitches on your needles, arrange them so that their are 3 on one needle and 3 on the other knitting needle. Cut your yarn, leaving a long tail, 10-12 inches will be plenty.


Ready to Weave in the final stitches


Weave in the final stitches at top of hat


Now thread the tail of yarn into a darning needle, you are going to weave through the stitches on the knitting needles one at a time, starting on the opposite stitch of the last stitch worked, the one with the tail of yarn attached. Insert darning needle into the first stitch on opposite needle of last stitch worked. then through the first stitch of the other needle,  the second stitch on the opposite needle and then the second stitch on the first needle, etc until all six stitches are no longer live but are threaded through with the tail of yarn.


Now pull it snug to make the point of the hat. Then stick the needle right down into the center of the tip into the inside of the hat, keeping it pulled snug secure the yarn and cut your yarn. Weave in the other beginning cast on yarn and cut.


I thought this weave may have been confusing so I made a short video to walk you through it. It is very easy, just confusing to say.

Demonstration of Final Weave of Knit Baby Hat Pattern



The Final Tiny Topper Baby Hat Knitting Pattern -You Did It!!

You can now officially add Magic Loop knitting to your Knitting arsenal. I took a slightly contrast color yarn and made little eyes. I tried it with boldly contrasting yarn like white and yellow and even orange and I hated it. It just need a slight contrast for my taste. But hey it is your baby hat, do as you see fit.


You’ll also note that my hat is changing color as I go. I used a variegated acrylic yarn. You could use a solid color yarn or even a patterned yarn if you like. But I think that would disguise the little owls. But you can see you have a million choices you could make. Enjoy your knitting!


You have a new skill! Imagine you will be able to knit about anything in the round. No matter if the pattern actually says Magic Loop or not. Congratulations!


If you would like to download a copy of this pattern for your personal or charitable use only, Click Here


Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern Complete


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Sharing is greatly appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Free Magic Loop Baby Hat Knitting Pattern – Knit in the Round”

  1. I tried this pattern to Row 27, FOUR TIMES and never got my owls to look like owls. They were obviously correct on half their bodies, but that was it. I gave up. It almost seemed like some of the cable directions were missing.

  2. I’m very sorry you had so much trouble. I don’t know how to help you. I’ve made this several times myself. But there are a lot of free owl patterns out there. Maybe one of them would work better for you. thank you for visiting us anyway.

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